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GROW GROUP - Grow a Tree from Seed - Starter Pack includes 3 trees

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Join our "Million Tree Campaign". Help us grow and plant a million tree’s from seed.

3 different trees are included in your starter pack:

  • Olive Olive Tree - Olea europaea L. subsp. africana
  • Monkey Thorn Tree - Senegalia galpinii
  • Common Corral Tree - Erythrina lysistemon

The philosophy for Grow Group Industries is to teach you how to grow a tree, rather than giving a grown tree.  These make a great social uplifting project, school project, special gift for someone with a passion for gardening.

For more information click here to send an email.

NOTE:  Shipping cost = R100 which will either be courier in Gauteng, Postnet or Paxi. Shipping will be done within 48 hours.